Overview Of The ISO 9000 Family Of Publications

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ISO 9000-1 is the “road map” for the ISO family of publications. It provides a quick snapshot by explaining what each ISO publication is all about.

The following clarify what each publication is about:

1SO 9000 Family Of Publications

1. ISO 9000

· for clarifying concepts and to see which ISO publication we should study;

2. ISO 9000-2

· is useful when we need help to implement ISO 9001, 9002,or ISO 9003;

3. ISO 9000-3

· is useful if we are in the software business and want to use ISO 9001 to set up a quality system;

4. ISO 9000-4

· if product dependability is important. Dependability means reliability, maintainability and availability;

5 ISO 9001

· if you design, develop, produce, install and service products and if your customers need to be satisfied that product anomalies will be avoided via ISO 90001’S Quality Assurance Model;

6. ISO 9002

· if you produce, install and service products. It presents a Quality Assurance Model that will help you to develop the appropriate quality system;

7. ISO 9003

· if product quality can be assured through final inspection and testing. It presents a Quality Assurance Model that will help you to develop the appropriate quality system;

8. ISO 9004-1

· if you intend to develop a quality system. It lists the elements that make up a quality system;

9. ISO 9004-2

· if customer service is important to your organization. It discusses elements and concepts;

10.    ISO 9004-3

· if your organization processes solids, liquids, or gases as part of your production process;

11.    ISO 9004-4

· if you need to generate quality improvements. It discusses concepts and methods.

12.    ISO 10011-1

· for developing internal quality audit program. It explains how to verify the existence of quality elements and how to verify that your quality objectives are being met;

13.    ISO 10011-2

· to develop your internal quality audit program. It describes the qualifications that your internal auditors should have;

14.    ISO 10011-3

· to develop your internal quality audit program. It describe how a quality system audit program should be managed and

15. ISO 10012-1

· to ensure that your quality assurance measuring equipment meets all ISO requirements.

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