CPA Australia launched its maiden Online Career Guidance System

January 21st, 2010 Comments off
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In earlier articles, we have described the importance of having important skill-sets for Chartered Accountant/ CPA to thrive in this high competitively borderless world. Recently, CPA Australia has launched a new Career Guidance System – an online self-assessment tool that allows professionals and employees to understand their current competencies, and identify areas for development.

The Career Guidance System is designed to

  • assist accounting professionals and employers worldwide to identify and acquire broad business-based competencies needed to succeed in today’s business environment, based on a framework of four core knowledge areas – technical, business, leadership and personal effectiveness.
  • help employers build relationships with their employees, and improve employee skill sets to contribute towards better business outcomes.

Extracted from  some details of the online career guidance system:

[ “ The system is simple as:

  1. define your goal – consider short and long-term career goals
  2. assess competencies – undertake the self-assessment
  3. determine path – the knowledge guide suggests areas for development and relevant knowledge resources
  4. acquire knowledge – work towards acquiring the knowledge and experience required

After completed your assessment a quick snapshot of current competencies is provided and the knowledge guide suggests relevant CPA Australia’s knowledge resources to help you plan and work towards your desired career goals.

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