Explain the ROLE AND TASKS of Recruitment Consultant

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Role of recruitment consultant:

·         To perform the staffing function on behalf of the management of the client organization re: filling vacancies with the type and calibre of staff required

Tasks of  a Recruitment consultant normally includes the following:

  • Analysing, or being  informed of, the requirements-the demands of the post, the organization’s preferences for qualifications, personality and so on;
  • Assist to draw up, or offering advice on , job descriptions, person specifications and other recruitment and selection aids;
  • Designing job advertisements;
  • Screening applications, so that those most obviously unsuitable are weeded out immediately;
  • Assist with short-listing for interview;
  • Advising on the constitution and procedures of the interview;
  • Offering a list of suitable candidates with notes and recommendations.

The tasks will depend on whether the consultant is employed to perform the necessary tasks or merely to advise and recommend.

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