What is an Adjusted Trial Balance and Adjusting Journal Entry

Tweet We understand what is a trial balance. But what then is an Adjusted Trial Balance? An adjusted trial balance is a trial balance taken from the general ledger accounts after ADJUSTING JOURNAL ENTRIES but before CLOSING ENTRIES have been posted. Adjusting journal entry  is the record made of an accounting transaction giving effect to […]

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using Common Stock Financing from the viewpoint of the Corporation

Tweet The advantages of using stock financing are: Common stock does not obligate the firm to make fixed payments to stockholders Carries no fixed maturity date Increases the creditworthiness of the firm thus increasing the future availability of debt at a lower cost Can often be sold more easily than debt if the firm’s prospects […]

In an organization, briefly explain the benefits or advantages and disadvantages of decentralization

Tweet Benefits or advantages of decentralization: Easier for senior management to delegate responsibility if the enterprise is split into divisions. By delegating responsibility, the managers might be motivated to work harder Decisions will be made more quickly as the divisional managers will not need to send information up to top management and then wait for […]

Explain the ROLE AND TASKS of Recruitment Consultant

Tweet Role of recruitment consultant: ·         To perform the staffing function on behalf of the management of the client organization re: filling vacancies with the type and calibre of staff required Tasks of  a Recruitment consultant normally includes the following: Analysing, or being  informed of, the requirements-the demands of the post, the organization’s preferences for […]

In Personnel Management,do you think that labour turnover has any advantages to an organization? List a few potential advantages

Tweet Potential advantages on  labour turnover in an organization might include the following: Opportunities for an organization to inject “ NEW BLOOD ” . New people brings new ideas and outlook, new skills and experience in different situation. ABSENCE of  this might create an increasingly AGED workforce; Creation of opportunities for PROMOTION AND SUCCESSION. Absence […]

In Personnel Management, explain what is 360-degree feedback and give the advantages and any pitfalls of this type of feedback?

Tweet 360-degree feedback: Also known as “multi-rater instruments” and “multi-source assessment” Unlike traditional basis where it recognizes that the employee’s immediate boss is not the only or necessarily the best person to assess his or her performance. Designed to enable all the stake-holders in a person’s performance to comment and give feedback which includes the […]

Tabulate below what are some of the Common goals business organizations aim to achieve when seeking strategic alliance

Tweet       Common Goals a business organization aim to achieve when seeking strategic alliance: Cost savings  Increased market share  Financial stability Supply chain improvement Increased productivity Better competencies and skills  Technological sophiscation  Improved customer services

Explain what is Strategic Alliance and the major reasons for seeking such alliances.

Tweet The following explains what is strategic alliance and the major reasons for seeking it: Strategic Alliance: A long term agreement between two or more firms for a certain period of time to achieve mutual benefits Partners agree to cooperate in carrying out business activities to create new strength and capabilities Some of the major  […]

Explain briefly what is Mercantilism Theory in International Trade

Tweet Append below a table to briefly explain what is Mercantilism Theory: Mercantilism Theory: A political economy system developed in the 16th century by the European states to enrich their nations Aimed at generating wealth by limiting imports and encouraging exports Under such theory, the economic growth of a country was managed through International Trade […]

In International Trade, what are the some of the level of regional integration and briefly explain them

Tweet In International Trade, there are several level  of regional integration which are as follows: 1.       Free Trade Area 2.       Preferential Trade Agreement 3.       Common Market 4.       Custom Union 5.       Economic Union 6.       Political Union FREE TRADE AREA ( FTA): An agreement between two or more countries to remove all trade barriers between themselves. Each […]