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Gives examples of Material losses

Tweet Material losses include loss of quantity, weight or volume of materials. Some examples of material losses which are incurred from the following: Obsolescence re: change of specification results in certain type of materials become useless Losses during handling like in pilferage, breakage, etc Storage like fading, rusting, warping affect the materials or inventories Loss […]

What do you think should the objectives of an efficient system of storekeeping

Tweet Inventories whether they are materials, work-in-progress and finished goods constitutes a large part of cost for an organization. It is therefore important to understand the following major objectives of an efficient system of storekeeping which are as follows:- That not too much inventories is held That not too little inventories is held That loss […]

Explain what is a Cost Statement?

Tweet A cost statement or cost sheet or cost card shows the detailed cost of a cost centre or cost unit.Append below is a simple format of a cost statement: Cost Statement or Cost sheet or Cost Card  $ Direct material cost            5,000 Direct labor cost            4,000 Direct expenses            1,000 PRIME COST […]

In a manufacturing account, how do we find or compute the cost of production on completed goods?

Tweet Very often in a manufacturing concern, there are goods  which are in partly manufactured state at the end of the accounting period. Such goods  which are known as work-in-progress are usually valued according to the amount of materials, labour and expenses which have so far been incurred. To find or compute the cost of […]

How to adjust the books of account when Physical Stocktaking is not precisely on the Accounting Date

Tweet The dual purpose of a physical stock take is to ensure:- the physical existence and the value of the stocks owned by the firm at the Balance Sheet Date. Note that stocks or inventories comprise raw material, work-in-progress or completed product. Any discrepancies between the book stocks and physical count must be investigated and […]

What is Administrative Overhead and how is it treated in Cost Accounting?

Tweet Administrative overhead: Costs relating to formulating policy, directing and controlling operation of an undertaking Not related directly to production activity or function. On a norm, administration overhead are all expenses incurred on policy formulation, direction, control, office administration,etc What are the methods to treat Administrative overhead in Cost Accounting: (a)    Charge to Costing Profit […]

How to do we treat Idle Capacity in Cost Accounts?(Part 2 of 2)

Tweet Idle capacity can be broadly divided into  Normal or AbnormalTreatment of NORMAL IDLE CAPACITY in the cost accounts: Due to unavoidable reasons are included in works overheads and absorbed into the cost of production either by inflating the overhead rate or  by means of a supplementary overhead rate ( see article on details of […]

Name the different stages in Activity-based costing

Tweet In cost accounting, besides looking at marginal and total costing, we have the activity-based costing where the stages or process involves the following: Different stages/steps in activity-based costing are: Identify the different activities within the organization Relate the overheads cost to the identified activities Support activities are then spread across the primary activities Determine […]

What is a cost driver? Business units with examples of some cost drivers

Tweet A cost driver: Is any factor whose change causes a change in the total cost of a related cost object.  Hence a change in the level of cost driver will cause a change in the level of the total cost of a related cost object. Examples of cost driver used in the following business […]

Explain what is Cost allocation and Cost Absorption

Tweet Cost allocation: Is the allotment of whole item of cost to a cost centre or a cost unit. It is the process of identifying, assigning or allowing cost to a cost centre or a cost unit Whereas Cost absorption: Is the process of absorbing all indirect costs or overhead costs allocated to or apportioned […]