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Answers On Mark Up/Down & Discount

Tweet Append below the answer to the questions on financial mathematics on Mark up/down & discount: FINANCIAL MATHEMATICS ANSWERS ON MARK UP/DOWN/DISCOUNT 1. (a) 25% (b) 18.75% 2. $10,800 3. $150 4. 26.67% 5. (a) $136.62 (b) $44.55 (c)$56 (d)33% 6. (a) $613.70 (b) $1,003.20 (c) $246 (d) $55.33 7. $32

Questions On Mark-up/Down & Discounts

Tweet Append below some questions for students to practise on mark-up/down & discounts commonly use in trading (buying and selling):- FINANCIAL MATHEMATICS QUESTIONS ON MARK UP/DOWN/DISCOUNT 1. Mr. A bought product A at $20 each and sells them at $25 each. (a) What percentage profit on the cost price did he make? (b) Later on, […]

Accountancy Mathematics-Mark-Up & Margin

Tweet In trading, the trader buys goods hoping to sell for more money than has paid. The cost price is the price at which he pays for the goods and the selling price at which he sells. If the selling price is greater than the cost price, a PROFIT is made. If selling price is […]