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Essential Features Of A Closed Loop Feedback Control System

Tweet Essential features includes: a clear and concise statement about the goals, targets or objectives to be achieved a facility and an ability to measure the actual state of the process being controlled communication channels facilitating the feedback of the actual stage of the process to a recorder and back to the control unit an […]

Accounting Information Systems: Controls in System Analysis And System Design

Tweet During the system analysis and system design stage, it is crucial to incorporate certain basic internal controls which are as follows: SEGREGATION OF DUTIES: Staff responsibilities must be organised to ensure that key tasks are segregated to reduce the possibility of error, fraud or the manipulation of accounting or other records. Specific responsibilities to […]

Main Content Page On Controls And Audit of Accounting Information Systems

Tweet MAIN TOPIC ON CONTROLS AND AUDIT OF ACCOUNTING INFORMATION SYSTEMS An Overview Of Internal Control. Internal Control And Control Framework Within An Organization. Internal Control For IT ( Part 1) Internal Control For IT ( Part 2) Control For Revenue Cycle Internal Control For Expenditure Cycle Internal Control For Manufacturing Internal Control For General […]