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illustrations to show the importance of Proper Corporate Governance and Internal Control Framework In A Corporation.

Tweet In earlier articles, we read about how and the reasons for frauds and improper governance. To further emphasis on the importance of maintaining proper internal control and corporate governance framework within an organization, below are some past illustrations of the lack of proper corporate governance and internal controls which created disastrous losses to financial […]

Name specifically what Sarbanes-Oxley Act requires from management report on internal control

Tweet State that it is management’s responsibility to establish and maintain adequate internal control; Identify management’s framework for evaluating internal control; Include management’s assessment of the effectiveness of the company’s internal control over financial report as of the end of the most recent year, including a statement as to whether internal control over financial reporting […]

Disclosure In Relation To The Malaysian Code On Corporate Governance And The State Of Internal Control

Tweet The Regulatory body, Bursa Malaysia has many practice notes for public listed companies to strictly comply with. However, one particular Practice Note No 9/2001 which must not be neglected is pertaining to Corporate Governance and Internal Controls. Listed companies in their annual reports under the Corporate Governance Section should state that they are complying […]

Important Non Financial Factors Valued By Investors/Public

Tweet Nowadays, with the prevalent of accounting fraud and the increasing rising trend of encouraging good corporate governance, investors do not only take profitability as the sole weight in assessing the company. According to survey done by Ernst & Young, the following are the most important non-financial factors ranked by investors: EXAMPLES OF NON FINANCIAL […]