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Overview Of The ISO 9000 Family Of Publications

Tweet ISO 9000-1 is the “road map” for the ISO family of publications. It provides a quick snapshot by explaining what each ISO publication is all about. The following clarify what each publication is about: 1SO 9000 Family Of Publications 1. ISO 9000 · for clarifying concepts and to see which ISO publication we should […]

Basic Steps Or How To Achieve ISO 9000 Certification

Tweet In the previous article, as part of business strategy, we understand many firms are emphasizing the use of quality as a competitive advantage to win more orders/business from multinational companies and penetrating overseas/international markets and then we have also discussed the basics and commonly asked question about ISO 9000. This article is pertaining to […]

Achieving ISO 9000 Quality Standard For Expansion Into Global Markets

Tweet When expanding overseas or those companies who wish to work with other multi-national companies, the first business challenge is the ability to produce and sustain high quality products and services. Without such good quality, the companies expanding overseas will not be able to compete with others. Therefore one of the usual Business Strategy of […]