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Audit Verification Of Other Debtors-Staff Loan

Tweet Append below the audit steps on Staff Loan Other Debtors-Staff Loan Obtain a schedule of loans/advances to employees, including directors and test as follows: · Test authority for loans granted during the year · Check interest calculations and trace postings to nominal ledger · Test amounts repaid with cash book or salary records as […]

Definition Of Continuous Audit

Tweet This article deals with what’s continuous audit, the situation requiring continuous audit and drawback of performing continuous audit: Continuous Audit: Is one in which the auditors are engaged throughout the year or at a frequent intervals in the checking of the accounts of the clients. Situations where continuous audits are preferred: Management able to […]

The Different Type of Risk

Tweet In earlier article, we understand the many benefits accrued from managing risk. In this article, we move on to understand the different  type of risk, a business can be involved with. Broadly speaking, risk can be grouped into the following type: TYPES OF RISK   1.0 Market Risk which relates to business environment, industry, […]

The Importance And Benefits of Managing Risk

Tweet It is imperative that we should understand the importance of risk management. In fact there are numerous benefits derive from proper risk management. Lets look at some of the following benefits: BENEFITS OF MANAGING RISK/RISK MANAGEMEN   Once we have established a sound risk management culture into the organisation’s business framework, it promote productivity […]