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Tabulate below what are some of the Common goals business organizations aim to achieve when seeking strategic alliance

Tweet       Common Goals a business organization aim to achieve when seeking strategic alliance: Cost savings  Increased market share  Financial stability Supply chain improvement Increased productivity Better competencies and skills  Technological sophiscation  Improved customer services

Explain what is Strategic Alliance and the major reasons for seeking such alliances.

Tweet The following explains what is strategic alliance and the major reasons for seeking it: Strategic Alliance: A long term agreement between two or more firms for a certain period of time to achieve mutual benefits Partners agree to cooperate in carrying out business activities to create new strength and capabilities Some of the major  […]

Overview Of The ISO 9000 Family Of Publications

Tweet ISO 9000-1 is the “road map” for the ISO family of publications. It provides a quick snapshot by explaining what each ISO publication is all about. The following clarify what each publication is about: 1SO 9000 Family Of Publications 1. ISO 9000 · for clarifying concepts and to see which ISO publication we should […]

Basic Steps Or How To Achieve ISO 9000 Certification

Tweet In the previous article, as part of business strategy, we understand many firms are emphasizing the use of quality as a competitive advantage to win more orders/business from multinational companies and penetrating overseas/international markets and then we have also discussed the basics and commonly asked question about ISO 9000. This article is pertaining to […]

Achieving ISO 9000 Quality Standard For Expansion Into Global Markets

Tweet When expanding overseas or those companies who wish to work with other multi-national companies, the first business challenge is the ability to produce and sustain high quality products and services. Without such good quality, the companies expanding overseas will not be able to compete with others. Therefore one of the usual Business Strategy of […]

All Topics On Balanced Scorecard

Tweet As described, setting up a proper Balanced Scorecard System will enable companies to achieve their visions and missions. Listed below are all the topics on Balanced Scorecard:   BALANCED SCORECARD 1.0 An Introduction To Balanced Scorecard 2.0 Sources or references for the matrix measurement used in the Balanced Scorecard as key performance indicators 3.0 […]

The Integrated Approach Of Using The Four Key Components In The Balance Scorecard To Achieve Company’s Strategic Goals

Tweet From earlier articles, we understand that a balanced scorecard looks at the following four fundamental performance areas of an organization and set major/crucial measures/matrix/key performance indicators for them:-   1. Financial performance 2. Customer satisfaction 3. Internal operations 4. Learning and innovation By taking such integrated approach, the Balanced Scorecard is able to balance […]

What Are Some Of The Critical Success Factors Of Implementing/ Establishing A Balanced Scorecard System

Tweet From earlier articles, we see that a proper Balance Scorecard System when properly implemented will be an extremely useful tool for an organization to relate the following:   Strategic management process Performance management Communication tool   The ultimate purpose is that all level of management should worked together to achieve the visions/goals.   CRITICAL […]

Topics on Branding Strategy

Tweet As described, branding strategy is one of utmost important business strategy that Management should embark on. Listed below are all the topics on Branding:   BRANDING AS A BUSINESS STRATEGY 1.0 The Importance of Branding As part Of business strategy 2.0 The different types of Branding Strategies 3.0 The Different method Of Valuing Brand […]

The Role Of A Brand Manager

Tweet Managing brand(s) in reality is a process constantly requiring daily decision, hence some companies appoint brand manager to be responsible for the development and performance of the brand or a portfolio of brands. This article is to briefly understand some of the major role played by a brand manager. MAJOR ROLES OF A BRAND […]