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In an organization, briefly explain the benefits or advantages and disadvantages of decentralization

Tweet Benefits or advantages of decentralization: Easier for senior management to delegate responsibility if the enterprise is split into divisions. By delegating responsibility, the managers might be motivated to work harder Decisions will be made more quickly as the divisional managers will not need to send information up to top management and then wait for […]

Explain the ROLE AND TASKS of Recruitment Consultant

Tweet Role of recruitment consultant: ·         To perform the staffing function on behalf of the management of the client organization re: filling vacancies with the type and calibre of staff required Tasks of  a Recruitment consultant normally includes the following: Analysing, or being  informed of, the requirements-the demands of the post, the organization’s preferences for […]

In Personnel Management,do you think that labour turnover has any advantages to an organization? List a few potential advantages

Tweet Potential advantages on  labour turnover in an organization might include the following: Opportunities for an organization to inject “ NEW BLOOD ” . New people brings new ideas and outlook, new skills and experience in different situation. ABSENCE of  this might create an increasingly AGED workforce; Creation of opportunities for PROMOTION AND SUCCESSION. Absence […]

In Personnel Management, explain what is 360-degree feedback and give the advantages and any pitfalls of this type of feedback?

Tweet 360-degree feedback: Also known as “multi-rater instruments” and “multi-source assessment” Unlike traditional basis where it recognizes that the employee’s immediate boss is not the only or necessarily the best person to assess his or her performance. Designed to enable all the stake-holders in a person’s performance to comment and give feedback which includes the […]

What are the Principles of Written Communication

Tweet PRINCIPLES of Written Communication Purpose Inform Instruct Persuade Build goodwill Content Subject matter Receiver’s level of knowledge Receiver’s level of need Structure Unique to each media Introduction, body, conclusion Style Sender’s and receiver knowledge Choice of words Sentence structure Paragraph construction Layout Unique to each written media

Written Communication:-A guideline to Effective Writing.

Tweet Guidelines to Effective Writing: Use intelligible words Think of the reader Use short sentences Use short paragraphs Use correct grammar Use correct punctuation

Forms In Written Communication. Factors to consider when Designing and putting Instruction On Forms and the Framing Of Questions

Tweet Forms are often used in written communication as it is a good communication tool. Therefore, it is important to understand the factors affecting the designing, instructions and framing of question in the forms. Factors to consider when designing of Forms for written communication: Logical order Complete Easy to us and understand Outlook and space […]

Major Role or Function or Activities Of Personnel or Human Resource Department

Tweet   Major Role or Function or Activities Of Personnel or Human Resource Department   Manpower planning ( determine and quantify future manpower requirements, linked to organization objectives, requires both external and internal information for planning, for short and long term view)   Recruitment, selection, interviewing   Induction(new employees with information to function effectively in […]

Name the 5C’s of Communication

Tweet 5C’s of Communication Clarification –straight forward and logical Completeness-see things from the perspective of recipient Conciseness-do away with unnecessary Concreteness-avoid abstract idiomatic terminology Correctness-flawless use of communication technique

Oral Communication-The Advantages And Disadvantages

Tweet Advantages of Oral Communication Direct medium Immediate feedback Instant interchange More persuasive Team spirit Control over time, place,etc Disadvantages of Oral Communication Time consuming No evidence Difficulty to arrange Not all can persuade