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What factors to consider when designing packaging for a product(Part 2)

Tweet Earlier article describe the importance and the functions of packaging, below describe the factors to consider when designing the packaging for a product: What image is sought? Who are the targeted consumers- general mass/lower /upper class/child/parent/teenagers? Should family packaging be used? Should a standard package be used globally? Factors like convenience, dependability and prestige? […]

The Importance and Factors To Consider When Designing Packaging For Successful Marketing

Tweet Packaging is basically an integral part of product planning that involve designing and producing the container or wrapper for a product. Some of the major factors to consider in its design are as follows: 1 Protection of the content Which is the main function of packaging namely to protect the contents when the product […]

Basic Difference Between Selling And Marketing Philosophies

Tweet We have been hearing words like selling and marketing. These two words were used by some as interchangeable. Let’s look at the concept/philosophies of selling and marketing so as to be able to differentiate them: SELLING MARKETING Sales oriented Consumer oriented Output “ sold” to consumers Market research determines output One-way process Two-way process(interactive) […]

Types Of Brand Building Strategies

Tweet There are a few approaches on brand building strategies: Product branding Product-line branding Product-range branding Corporate branding The characteristic of the various brand building strategies are discussed below. PRODUCT BRANDING STRATEGY This type of brand give each individual product an exclusive brand name and the company name being ignored It allows the brand to have […]

Branding In Relation To Marketing

Tweet Many companies are now using power of branding ( the higher the valued placed, the better the positioning would be ) in the critical marketing area. It is increasingly seen as an effective tool in aiding marketing management which might includes: BRANDING AND MARKETING Resource allocation Once a brand is valued in either an […]

Basics of Product Life Cycle

Tweet Besides understanding the 4 P of marketing mix, another equally fundamental term commonly used in marketing line is “Product Life Cycle” The following benefits might accrued if readers have a good understanding of the product life cycle concept: it enables marketing managers to plan alternate marketing strategies to address the challenges that their products […]

Basic Marketing Concept-The 4Ps

Tweet One of the most important marketing concepts is the marketing mix which comprises product, price, promotion and place and is popularly known as the 4Ps. 4 P’s Marketing Mix Product The product management and product marketing aspects of marketing deal with the specifications of the actual goods or services and how it relates to […]