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Explain briefly what is Mercantilism Theory in International Trade

Tweet Append below a table to briefly explain what is Mercantilism Theory: Mercantilism Theory: A political economy system developed in the 16th century by the European states to enrich their nations Aimed at generating wealth by limiting imports and encouraging exports Under such theory, the economic growth of a country was managed through International Trade […]

In International Trade, what are the some of the level of regional integration and briefly explain them

Tweet In International Trade, there are several level  of regional integration which are as follows: 1.       Free Trade Area 2.       Preferential Trade Agreement 3.       Common Market 4.       Custom Union 5.       Economic Union 6.       Political Union FREE TRADE AREA ( FTA): An agreement between two or more countries to remove all trade barriers between themselves. Each […]

Briefly explain Heckscher-Ohlin Theory in International Trade

Tweet Below tabulates Heckscher-Ohlin Theory in International Trade:- Unlike the Comparative Advantage Theory which advocates on specializing in activities which is more efficient, Heckshcher-Ohlin Theory advocates that :- A country should specialize in the production of good where the factors of production ( capital,labor, land) favour it. Example like if there is a relative abundance […]

Give brief explanation of Comparative Advantage Theory in International Trade

Tweet In international trade, we often heard of the Comparative Advantage Theory which is:- COMPARATIVE ADVANTAGE THEORY : Is advocated by David Ricardo suggesting that countries should specialize in the goods they can produce most efficiently rather than trying for self-sufficiency. Views trade as a positive-sum game in which all countries that participate in trading […]

Overview Of The ISO 9000 Family Of Publications

Tweet ISO 9000-1 is the “road map” for the ISO family of publications. It provides a quick snapshot by explaining what each ISO publication is all about. The following clarify what each publication is about: 1SO 9000 Family Of Publications 1. ISO 9000 · for clarifying concepts and to see which ISO publication we should […]

Achieving ISO 9000 Quality Standard For Expansion Into Global Markets

Tweet When expanding overseas or those companies who wish to work with other multi-national companies, the first business challenge is the ability to produce and sustain high quality products and services. Without such good quality, the companies expanding overseas will not be able to compete with others. Therefore one of the usual Business Strategy of […]

What Are The Challenges In International Business?

Tweet     The three main challenges that international firms may encountered are as follows:     PHYSICAL CHALLENGE Examples are: Natural resources, climate, location, terrorism, natural disasters, geographical barriers SOCIAL CHALLENGE Examples are: Culture, legal, different political systems, nationalization and economy COMPETITIVE CHALLENGE Examples are: Price, Firm’s size, market size, competitors, firm’s strategy, cost-effectiveness […]

Content Page On Topics On Foreign Exchange ( International Trade)

Tweet     International Trade BASICS of Foreign Exchange 1.0 Introduction to Foreign Exchange 2.0   3.0 What are the determinants of foreign exchange 4.0 Commonly used terms in foreign exchange transactions 5.0         International Trade HARDER ASPECTS of Foreign Exchange ( in my other accounting site) 1.0 Foreign Exchange Management:Before even […]

Commonly Used Terms In Foreign Exchange Transactions

Tweet When trading foreign exchanges, whether amongst the dealers or dealer/client, we often hear technical terms that are tuned to the language used in the foreign exchange market. Append below are some of the commonly used terms.     Commonly Used Terms In Foreign Exchange Transactions Arbitrage:   ·          refers to simultaneous buying and selling […]

What are the determinants of Foreign Exchange?

Tweet In earlier part 1, we have a brief introduction of what are foreign exchange transactions, foreign exchange rate and market. So what determines a country’s foreign exchange rate? Append below are some three(3) major factors that determines or have an important impact on future exchange rate movements in a country’s currency: (A) PRICE INFLATION […]