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Difference Between Articles Of Association And Memorandum Of Association

Tweet A limited company has an Articles Of Association and Memorandum of Association. What is the difference between these two documents? Suggested Answer: The differences are as follows: Articles Of Association is the document containing the rules which governs the INTERNAL organization of a limited company. This must be filed with the Registrar of Companies […]

Section 326 Companies Act 1965-Balance Sheets & Accounts

Tweet Companies Act 1965 (Act No. 125) PART XI – VARIOUS TYPES OF COMPANIES, ETC. DIVISION 1 – INVESTMENT COMPANIES SECTION 326 – BALANCE-SHEETS AND ACCOUNTS. (1) An investment company shall attach to its balance sheet a complete list of all the investments of the company as at the date of the balance sheet showing […]

Section 169A Companies Act 1965-Relief From Requirements As To Form & Content Of Accounts & Reports

Tweet Companies Act 1965 (Act No. 125) PART VI – ACCOUNTS AND AUDIT DIVISION 1 – ACCOUNTS SECTION 169A – RELIEF FROM REQUIREMENTS AS TO FORM AND CONTENT OF ACCOUNTS AND REPORTS (1) The directors of a company may apply to the Registrar in writing for an order relieving them from any requirement of this […]

Section 169 Companies Act 1965-Profit & Loss Account, Balance Sheet & Directors' Report

Tweet Companies Act 1965 (Act No. 125) PART VI – ACCOUNTS AND AUDIT DIVISION 1 – ACCOUNTS SECTION 169 – PROFIT AND LOSS ACCOUNT, BALANCE SHEET AND DIRECTORS’ REPORT (1) The directors of every company shall at some date not later than eighteen months after the incorporation of the company and subsequently once at least […]

Details Of Ninth Schedule Companies Act 1965(Act No 125)

Tweet Append below the details of Ninth Schedule Companies Act 1965, readers should go through them  whether for knowledge or to comply with Accounts under the Malaysian Company Law:-  Companies Act 1965 (Act No. 125) NINTH SCHEDULE [SECTIONS 169, 326] – ACCOUNTS  Profit and Loss Accounts 1. There shall be shown in respect of the […]

Ninth Schedule Of Malaysian Companies Act 1965

Tweet Besides the compliance of FRS/IFRS/IAS, many Malaysian authorities like Securities Commission, MASB, Bank Negara, etc would require that Malaysian companies adhere strictly to the Ninth Schedule of the Malaysian Companies Act 1965 for preparation of their Financial Statement. Hence, it is important for the readers to have a good and thorough understanding of this […]