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Written Communication:-A guideline to Effective Writing.

Tweet Guidelines to Effective Writing: Use intelligible words Think of the reader Use short sentences Use short paragraphs Use correct grammar Use correct punctuation

Topics Under The Heading Of Report Writing

Tweet Do not belittle the importance of good report writing. In examinations, candidates can lose marks when using wrong or confusing phrases. In offices, when reporting to management, fresh accounting graduates might be confused when reporting to the various level of management whether they are low, medium or top management. TOPICS UNDER THE HEADING OF […]

Frequently Misused or Confusing Pairs of Words

Tweet Whether we are writing a business or examination report/essay on economics or marketing paper, we need to be careful on some frequently misused or confusing pairs of words. Many pairs of words sound alike or nearly alike, but each has a different meaning. You should be careful to use the correct word from a […]

Guiding Principles In The Preparation Of Reports

Tweet Append below some guiding principles for preparing reports for management:     1.      Report should be addressed to those for whom it has been prepared; it should state by whom it is submitted, be dated and name of preparer. 2.      Report should not be too long; complex tabulations should be avoided 3.       Report should […]

Types Of Presentation Media For Reports

Tweet Listed below are the major type of presentation media used for reports:-     Broadly classified into: Written: Formal financial statements Tabulated statistics Narration and exposition using words Graphic: Charts Diagrams and pictures Oral: Group meetings Conference with individuals Salient points to note: ·         Normally a combination of the above is used as presentation […]

Understand The Type Of Users Requirements When Submitting Performance Report For Management Control

Tweet Append below listed the different level of users(Management) and the requirements of the reports:-   Broadly classified into three level namely Top management, middle management and lower level management. Top Management   Prepared reports that give a complete and readily comprehensive summary of the overall aspects of operations and an indentification of major events. […]

Essential Features Or Criteria Of Performance Report For Management Control

Tweet Listed below some relevant criteria in the design and application of Performance report for management control:-   Tailored to the organization structure and controllability re: responsibility centers Designed to implement the exception principle in management ( management by exception) Repetitive and relate to short time span Adapted to the requirements of the principal user […]

Types Of Reports Requirement/Structure In A Medium To Large Sized Organization

Tweet It is important to understand the reporting structure in a medium to large size firm to ensure that it satisfies the major interested parties.   Reports can be broadly classified as:   External Reports Reports to government agencies, regulatory commissions, creditors, investigative agencies and other groups external to the firm. Normally reports are quite […]

Report Writing-Performance Reports for Management Control

Tweet It’s important that readers should be able to do proper report writing whether it is used to tackle examination questions or in their working lives. Obviously, there are certain rules/ principles/ formalities that need to be adhere to when doing proper report writing. Append below a listing of articles under report writing:- Performance Reports […]