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In Royalty Accounts, explain what does it means “ THE RIGHT TO RECOUP SHORTWORKINGS”

Tweet To avoid hardships to producers, in the event of shortfall of outputs, agreements are sometimes made to guarantee the landlord a minimum rent. Such agreements often contain a provision that if the rent due ( calculated on the tonnage produced,etc) does not reach the minimum amount, the DIFFERENCE or DEFICIENCY may be carried forward […]

Name the major categories of Royalties

Tweet Normally royalties fall into the following major categories: Straightforward royalties with little problem Royalties with a MINIMUM RENT and the RIGHT TO RECOUP SHORTWORKINGS; and Royalities with sub-royalties .

Explain what is royalties.For Accounting purposes, how do we treat royalties paid & received?

Tweet What is Royalties? Relating normally to output of one kind or another or a sum relating to the use of an asset,e.g. how many per book sold by a publisher or how much tonnage on the output of ore from a mine For accounting purpose, how to treat royalties paid and royalties received? For […]