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Revision Note On Trial Balance

Tweet (Print this article in pdf.format) In bookkeeping and accounting, a trial balance is a must. Below are some guidelines and simple snapshots for students to take note of Trial Balance. ( PS:-You can print the article here or and go to the REVISION NOTES category or DOWNLOAD FREE E-BOOKS category to print more of […]

Steps To Balance The Trial Balance

Tweet I was preparing the Trial Balance and it could not balance. Can you please tell me the steps to balance it.? In the event that your trial balance doesn’t balance, go through the following bookkeeping tips/steps in the suggested order to ensure that the error can be detected soonest possible: Find out the exact […]

In Bookkeeping, explain what is a Trial Balance

Tweet Definition Or What is A Trial Balance A list/statement/worksheet of all the account balances of the general ledger at a particular point in time from which the Income Statement and Balance Sheet of a business is drawn up. It is prepared in each financial period as a summary of the closing of the previous […]