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Whether you are now a CPA or studying to be one, it would be interesting to share or express your views pertaining some common issues in Accountancy.

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Is Accountancy being conceived by others as very rigid and conservative in approach and appearance?

If your friends tell you that if you were to choose a particular qualification say CIMA instead of ACCA/ACA, your future career would be limited to the industries you are in.

Since the recent Indian Satyam’s accounting fraud case, do you think that RISK MANAGEMENT is important or is very critical. Why then do you think companies are still not learning their lessons by employing proper Risk Manager(s) to manage the enterprise risks?

Do you really think that an Accountant needs to be of utmost ethnical in his or her dealings? If you are now involve as a party re: your boss asked you to become the runner to pass some money to another party as bribes to help your company to secure a big contract- would you do it or what should you do if you feel that you have been compromise ?

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