Some consider Goodwill as a Fictitious Asset. Do you think this statement is correct.?

Tweet Some of us draw the conclusion that goodwill is a fictitious asset since it is an “ invisible” item – re: cannot be seen or touch.It might be true that goodwill is an intangible asset, but it cannot be called a fictitious asset because: Even though these intangible assets (examples beside goodwill are patents […]

The Importance Of Correct Stock Valuation as it has great impact On Gross Margin,Net Income , Asset Valuation And Capital of a business(Part 8)

Tweet It is important to understand the reason for the need to have correct valuation of stock. Simply, any incorrect stock valuation will have direct impact on the gross margin of an enterprise leading right down to the bottom-line which is the net income/profit of an enterprise. As the closing stock is in the current […]