Explain what are non-current assets and current assets owned by a business

Tweet Below tabulates what are non current assets and currrent assets owned in a business:- As we know assets are property owned by a business which consists of two major categories namely: NON-current assets and Current assets NON- CURRENT ASSETS CURRENT ASSETS Assets bought not for resale but to be used in the operations of […]

Accounting Quiz On Assets, Liabilities and The Accounting Equation

Tweet Refresh or test your accounting knowledge by answering the following questions on Assets, Liabilities and The Accounting Equation:- QUESTIONS: 1.0  What is an asset? Give three examples 2.0   What is a liability? Give three examples 3.0  What is the accounting equation? 4.0  What are drawings? 5.0  What is the business equation? 6.0   Distinguish between […]