Personal & Professional Skill-sets & Attributes For Accountants/CPA

Extracted from Malaysian KPMG’s website pertaining to attributes together with a series of questions designed to indicate how you might measure up against them. They will give you an idea of the professional and personal qualities KPMG/Big Accounting 4 and other top leagues auditing/accounting firms are looking for.



Client Responsiveness





  • Have you ever gone out of your way to help someone, even if it wasn’t your immediate responsibility?
  • Have you had a job requiring you to be diplomatic and efficient with customers or other members of the public?

Task Management

  • Can you juggle work and social activities so that you can meet your deadlines without panicking?
  • Can you manage and motivate others, even when the task is difficult or tedious?


Team Skills





  • Do you try to get everyone involved when you’re working with others, supporting and helping when necessary?
  • Do you avoid blaming others when things go wrong, instead helping the team learn from its mistakes?

Commercial Awareness

  • Have you held a position where you were responsible for working to a budget?
  • Do you keep up with current business, economic and political news?


Social Skills




  • Are people relaxed and at ease when they talk to you?
  • Are you as good at listening as you are at talking?

Thinking Skills


  •       Do you tackle problems in a rational, logical manner, identifying the key issues?
  •       Have you ever had a job in which you were able to apply creativity and come up with ideas a bit out of the ordinary?

Personal Effectiveness

  •       Can you think of any setbacks, at work or university, that you have successfully overcome?
  •       Have you ever persuaded others to change their views or attitudes?

Career Motivation

  •       Have you thought seriously about why you might want to work for a professional firm like KPMG?
  •       Have you found out as much as you can about the work involved in the division or business group that you’re thinking of joining?







  •      Do you conduct your work to the highest of standards?
  •       Do you follow an ethical approach when dealing with others?
  •       Do you adhere to rules and regulations?