Useful Motivational Phrases

Useful Motivation Phrases No one will manufacture a lock without a key Similarly, God won’t give problem without solutions No one can go back and change a bad beginning But ANYONE can start now and create a successful ending…. If you miss an opportunity don’t fill the eyes with tears If will hide another better … Read more

Bill Gates-11 Rules

I am sure every one knows who is Bill Gates. From a drop out student from Harvard he made it with great enthusiam, common senses,etc.   Bill Gates recently gave a speech at a High School about 11 things they did not and will not learn in school.  [ ps: Love him or hate him, … Read more


TESTIMONIALS & COMMENTS from readers worldwide: College Accounting Coach site since its inception, with its objective of sharing  absolutely FREE ONLINE EDUCATIONAL business accounting knowledge which includes  FREE e-books,numerous questions test papers & revision notes on financial accounting, costing and managerial accounting and other related subjects, have been receiving very rave countless comments from the … Read more

Types Of Employees Compensation Schemes/Systems

Compensation is not all about financial rewards. In fact it includes both financial and non-financial rewards that companies give their staff in exchange for their hard work. The purpose of a compensation scheme/system is to attract and retain good staff to work and help the organization to achieve its goals. Some of the compensation schemes … Read more

Types Of Selection Tests Or Methods

Selection is the process of gathering information about applicants who can best do the job. Some of the selection tests/methods used by companies are as follows: 1.   Personality Test ·        This is a test to measures the different kinds of job-related personality the applicants possess 2.  Assessment Centers ·        A place for applicants to undergo … Read more

Brain Teasers/Puzzles

Append below are some brain teasers/puzzles to test your brain power: Puzzle No 1-4 Puzzle No 5-8

Answers To Brain Teasers/Puzzle No 1-8

Append below the answers to earlier questions on brain teasers/puzzles No 1-4 and  No 5-8: Puzzle No Answer To Brain Teasers/Puzzle No 1-8 1 =6 From left column add up =30 move to next column =30 and last column if the missing number of 6 is added which will total 30 2 =22 From left … Read more

Brain Teasers/Puzzle No 5-8

Earlier article on brain teasers/puzzle no 1to 4, append below more puzzles ( no 5 -8) to test your brain power: [ click here for ANSWERS] Puzzle No. 5 What is the missing number? 4 5 5 3 6 1 6 ? Puzzle No 6 What is the missing number? 1234 5411 6231 2074 160? … Read more

Brain Teasers/Puzzle 1-4

Test your brain power by solving the following puzzles: [ click here for ANSWERS]       Puzzle No. 1 What is the missing number? 12 4 ? 6 14 11 9 7 8 3 5 5       Puzzle No. 2 What is the missing number? 3 6 10 6 12 16 7 … Read more

What Are The Major Non-Price Determinants Of Supply

Changes in the determinants of demand will cause the shift of the demand curve. Price normally demands the demand of goods and services.   However, there are some major non-price determinants of demand which include the following:   1.       Consumer tastes/preference If consumer’s preference/tastes are more favorable to certain products, there will be an increase … Read more