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Effective Communication plays one of the crucial roles of ensuring a company can achieve its goal and objectives. Just for a moment, imagine that due to bad ineffective communication, many of staff do not understand what the management are trying to convey to them! It will be disastrous.   Communication is indeed one of the … Read more

What are the steps or ways to overcome barriers to communication

Earlier article discuss the major hindrance or barriers to communication. This article seeks to understand what are the ways, steps or how management can help to overcome the barriers to communication: STEPS OR WAYS TO OVERCOME BARRIERS TO COMMUNICATION 1) Orientation of employees: at all times, management needs to provide the staff with information relating … Read more

What are the barriers or hindrances to Good Effective Communication?

In an organization, we understand that the flow of communications can be upward, downward, sideway,etc. Management definitely understand the importance of good communication re: the process of passing information and understanding from one person to another to bring commonness of interest, purpose and efforts. Basically, without good effective communication, company goals or objectives cannot be … Read more

What are the basic essentials Of Good Effective Communication

As discussed in earlier articles: the formal and informal communication, barriers and ways to overcome poor communication, append below are some basic essentials or principles of effective communication: THE ESSENTIALSOF EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION ARE: 1) The idea to be communicated should be clearly formed and the facts and figures centering on that idea should be formulated … Read more

Understand The Difference Between Formal and Informal Communication

In an organization, there are basically two ways of communication namely: Formal and Informal communication Below explain their differences and characteristics: FORMAL COMMUNICATION Communication takes place through the formal channels of the organization structure along the lines of authority established by the management. Such communications are generally in writing and may take any of the … Read more

Disclosure In Relation To The Malaysian Code On Corporate Governance And The State Of Internal Control

The Regulatory body, Bursa Malaysia has many practice notes for public listed companies to strictly comply with. However, one particular Practice Note No 9/2001 which must not be neglected is pertaining to Corporate Governance and Internal Controls. Listed companies in their annual reports under the Corporate Governance Section should state that they are complying with … Read more

Overview Of The ISO 9000 Family Of Publications

ISO 9000-1 is the “road map” for the ISO family of publications. It provides a quick snapshot by explaining what each ISO publication is all about. The following clarify what each publication is about: 1SO 9000 Family Of Publications 1. ISO 9000 · for clarifying concepts and to see which ISO publication we should study; … Read more

Basic Steps Or How To Achieve ISO 9000 Certification

In the previous article, as part of business strategy, we understand many firms are emphasizing the use of quality as a competitive advantage to win more orders/business from multinational companies and penetrating overseas/international markets and then we have also discussed the basics and commonly asked question about ISO 9000. This article is pertaining to the … Read more

Achieving ISO 9000 Quality Standard For Expansion Into Global Markets

When expanding overseas or those companies who wish to work with other multi-national companies, the first business challenge is the ability to produce and sustain high quality products and services. Without such good quality, the companies expanding overseas will not be able to compete with others. Therefore one of the usual Business Strategy of management … Read more

Important Non Financial Factors Valued By Investors/Public

Nowadays, with the prevalent of accounting fraud and the increasing rising trend of encouraging good corporate governance, investors do not only take profitability as the sole weight in assessing the company. According to survey done by Ernst & Young, the following are the most important non-financial factors ranked by investors: EXAMPLES OF NON FINANCIAL FACTORS … Read more