Basic Marketing Concept-The 4Ps

One of the most important marketing concepts is the marketing mix which comprises product, price, promotion and place and is popularly known as the 4Ps. 4 P’s Marketing Mix Product The product management and product marketing aspects of marketing deal with the specifications of the actual goods or services and how it relates to the … Read more

Revision Notes –Consignment, Containers & Royalty Accounts

CONSIGNMENT ACCOUNTS Del credere commission is an additional commission paid to cover the consignor against bad debts Goods-in-transit : are often included as part of Consignment stock Returns from consignee: should be adjusted by CREDIT to Consignment Account and DEBIT to Goods Sent on Consignment Account Goods invoiced at higher prices than cost accounted by: … Read more

ACCA Diploma In Financial Management(DipFM) (Part2of2)

Part 2 is about the Course Syllabus, how much it cost and how to register.   COURSE SYLLABUS The Diploma programme has a modular design.Each module covers two subject areas: Module A Module B 1. Interpretation of Financial Statements 3. Financial Strategy 2. Performance Management 4. Risk Management 1 INTERPRETATION OF FINANCIAL STATEMENTS Aim The … Read more

ACCA Diploma In Financial Management(DipFM) (Part1of2)

Part 1 of this article is dedicated to a basic understanding of what’s in for those who wish to pursue the ACCA Diploma in Financial Management. Here, we look at what is this diploma all about, the requirements and the benefits of having this diploma. Part 2 refers to the course syllabus of the ACCA … Read more

Content Page On Bad Debt And Provision

Click to the respective topic: Content Page Different Methods Of Creating Provision For Doubtful Debts Accounting Treatment For the Increase Or Decrease Of Provision For Doubtful Debts Difference Between Bad Debts Written Off And Provision For Doubtful Debts Accounting Treatment-Work Flow On Write Off On Bad Debts   Accounting Test Question BD1 On Accounts Receivables … Read more

Illustration: Preparation Of A Reconciliation Statement Of Profits As Per Financial Books and As Per Cost Accounting Books

Question: Company XYZ maintains separate cost and financial ledgers. The financial accountant has prepared the following Profit Statement from the financial ledger: Income Statement For 31 st December 2007 Sales $ $ 188,300 Material purchases 73,200 Wages & Salaries 32,490 Expenses excluding depreciation 46,860 Depreciation 17,340 169,890 Stock Increase 2,800 167,090 21,210 Investment Income 8,180 … Read more


This Content Page helps you to navigate to all the articles relating to Costs And Financial Accounts. In each article, you can click to return to this Content Page. Click to the respective topic: COSTS AND THE FINANCIAL ACCOUNTS SECTION (1) Explain the Inter-locking or non-integrated accounts & its features (2) Explain the integrated accounting … Read more

Part 3: Reasons For The Differences/Discrepancies/Disagreement Of Profits As Per Cost Accounts and Financial Accounts?

When a company uses the interlocking or non-integrated system, there is a necessity to reconcile the profits between Cost Accounts and Financial Accounts Below discuss the reasons: 1.0 There are certain items which appear in financial books only and are not included in cost accounting books. The items are: INCOME: Profit on sale of assets, … Read more

Integrated Accounting System(Part 2 Of 3)

Part 1 looks at what’s interlocking or non-integrated systems. This Part 2 looks at what’s integrated system accounting, its pre-requisites of installing the system and some of the advantages. Part 3 explains some of the reasons for the differences/discrepancies/disagreement of profits as per cost accounting book and the financial books. Integrated Accounts A system of … Read more