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Topics On Joint Venture Accounting Understand some of the basic Types of Joint Ventures Understand the basic difference between Joint Venture and Partnership Understand the difference between Joint Venture and Consignment Drafting the Joint Venture agreement Understand the Potential Issues And Challenges In Joint Venture Accounting Treatment Of Joint Venture

Content Page On Lease Accounting

Please refer the following topics on Lease Accounting in my other accounting blog:   Contents Characteristics Or Features Of Finance Lease Accounting Treatment For Finance Lease Accounting Treatment For Operating Lease The Difference Between Finance Lease And Operating Lease Sale & Leaseback: How to determine whether it is a Finance lease or Operating Lease Technical … Read more

Accounting Treatment for Normal Loss And Abnormal Loss In Consignment

Sometimes, part of goods being consigned may be lost/destroyed or damaged either in transit or in the consignee’s warehouse. Such loss can be either normal loss or abnormal loss. This article discuss what are these losses and their respective accounting treatment in Consignment Accounting   Normal Loss In Consignment   What is Normal Loss? ·         … Read more

The Difference Between Overriding Commission And Del Credere Commission

This article looks at the type of additional commission given by consignor to consignee and the purpose(s) of giving such incentives/commissions. Overriding Commission Commission given to the consignee in addition to the normal commission Purpose of such incentive is to motivate the consignee to create market for new products. · Sometimes, this additional commission is … Read more

Difference Between the terms: Consignment And Joint Venture Arrangement

This article tabulated below the major difference between Consignment and Joint Venture: Major Differences Between A Joint Venture and Consignment Arrangement   Parties: ·         In consignment, the parties are the consignor and consignee whilst in a joint venture the parties are called co-ventures   Relationship: ·         In consignment, it is principal and agent relationship whilst … Read more