A Comprehensive Illustration Of Business Accounting Ratio/Financial Analysis/Interpretation Of The Financial Statement

Below is an example to illustrate the major accounting business ratio for the interpretation of the financial statement of a company.  A Comprehensive Illustration of Major Ratios   Below major ratios have been computed to illustrate what we have learned from earlier articles on ratio analysis/interpretation of financial statement:-       Balance Sheet Of … Read more

Difference Between Articles Of Association And Memorandum Of Association

A limited company has an Articles Of Association and Memorandum of Association. What is the difference between these two documents? Suggested Answer: The differences are as follows: Articles Of Association is the document containing the rules which governs the INTERNAL organization of a limited company. This must be filed with the Registrar of Companies together … Read more

Cost Apportionment and How To Form A Basis To Do The Apportioning of Overheads Costs

Question:I was informed that when accountants performed cost apportionment to distribute the costs to a particular cost centre, they also encountered challenges or differ in opinion of using the basis to do so. (a)     Why is it so and (b)     Is there any standard basic guideline to do this cost apportionment? Suggested Answer: Earlier article … Read more