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Top Post In Financial Accounting Section


How to account for disposal of fixed assets- whether it is sold for cash or traded in as part payment for another asset


Revision notes –Depreciation Of Fixed assets


How to record depreciation in the books of accounts



What are the advantages and disadvantages of computerized accounting system


Substance Over Form              Provision Versus Reserve


Going concern concept             Dual Aspect concept


 Profit versus Cash concept



Contrast between capital and revenue expenditure


Difference between carriage inwards and carriage outwards in the income statement


Accounting treatment for the increase or decrease of provision for doubtful debts


Difference between Bad debt written off and Provision for doubtful debts


Different methods of creating provision for doubtful debts



Difference between Periodic Inventory System and Perpetual Inventory System


What are Prepayments And Its Accounting treatment


Profit & Loss Appropriation account


Errors affecting the trial balance and suspense ac


Table of Summary Of Financial accounting ratio analysis


Understand the difference between Accounting and Bookkeeping



Top Post In Management Accounting Or Costing


Marginal Costing: Its features,advantages and disadvantages


What is absorption costing-its advantages & disadvantages


Cost behavior-define variable, fixed & mixed cost


Revision notes on Cost Volume Profit –CVP relationship and Breakeven analysis


Difference between job costing and process costing


What is Responsibility Accounting


Understand Sale Price Variances & Sales Volume Variance


Difference between Direct and Indirect Costs