Types Of Subsidiary Book-The Sales Journal

The Sales Journal
This Journal records all sales on CREDIT. The book is written up from the duplicate of sales invoices. It contains only credit sales related to the goods originally bought for resale.
Sales Journal as follows:

Date Invoice No Particulars Folio No Details($) Monthly Total($)
Jan 1  4230 Mr ABC  SL 8  190.00
    20  4231 Mr BCD  SL 11  150.00
    31  4232 Mr BDE  SL 15  450.00

When the Sales Journal is written up, the various amounts would then be posted to the debit side of the various debtors’ accounts in the Sales Ledger and the total credit sales of the period posted to the credit of the Sales Accounts.
 Sales Ledger:
 Folio No : SL8
 Debtor:Mr. ABC

2007     $
Jan 1 Invoice No 4230  190  

Folio No : SL 11
Debtor:Mr. BCD

2007    $
Jan 20 Invoice No 4231  150  

SL No 15
Debtor:Mr. BDE

2007     $
Jan 31 Invoice No 4232  450  

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