Study Tip- Using Mind Mapping As A Study Tool

Mind mapping is not new. Perhaps some students might already be using them as part of their study aids/tools.For those who are not familiar with them, append below some notes:

  • Developed by Tony Buzan in the late 1960’s, this is a powerful graphic technique that unlocks the potential of the brain.
  • Can be used effectively to refresh memory just before stepping into each exam.
  • Essentially, you create a map using colours, images and symbols to unlock pockets of knowledge in your mind.
  • However, only make a mind map once you have made notes in the conventional long-form format.
  • When you have a good overview of your subject, start mind mapping.
  • Begin at the middle of the page and branch out like a spider to the outer edges of the page, using a different leg for each theme. Each leg of your spider can in turn have more legs as you move into sub-themes.
  • You can make one mind map for each topic and paste them around your room to look at while changing, brushing teeth and so forth.
  • Before going into an exam, bring along the relevant mind maps and have a last read just before sitting the exam.  

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