KPMG Named the Top Big Four Accounting Firm

An interesting article ( source: ) for those who want to enhance their knowledge on the Top Big Four Accounting Firms, the #1 entry level job site, today released its poll results naming KPMG as college students’ preferred employer among the big four accounting firms.

Respondents selected KPMG as their first choice over PricewaterhouseCoopers, Deloitte & Touche and Ernst & Young.

“KPMG has established itself as an employment leader,” said Brian Krueger, President of “Not only have they continually shown themselves as a top employer in terms of sheer college recruiting numbers, but now even more so as entry level college grads show their employer preference is to work for KPMG.”

It is not the largest of the big four firms; in fact it has the fewest number of employees. Its projected college recruiting numbers for 2008 are also the lowest of the Big Four, though not by much. So what makes KPMG stand out to college grads?

“As part of our recruiting strategy, we make every effort to get a real sense of what students are looking for from their first employer,” said Blane Ruschak, KPMG’s National Director of University Relations and Recruiting. “College students are telling us that they are most interested in an employer’s value proposition around career opportunities, more so than salary and benefits and work-life initiatives. In essence, they seek an employer where they can make a difference and have opportunities for advancement.”

When it comes to opportunity, KPMG provides internship and career options that span the globe. “We implemented a global internship program and global new hire training program in 2007, that allows our new college hires to get a global experience right away,” said Ruschak. “In addition, our global rotations are up 40 percent since 2004 and nearly 2,500 KPMG professionals from 90 countries took advantage of the (global rotation) program in 2007.”

Having finished fourth in last year’s poll, KPMG’s leap to this year’s top placement shows that their college grad initiatives and global programs expansion are paying off.

Krueger notes, “As companies continue to compete for top talent in an increasingly global environment, they will need to commit as KPMG has to providing unique growth experiences through global programs and international career opportunities.”

In addition to the student recognition, KPMG was also recently named a Top Entry Level Employer and placed in the top three among’s Top Intern Employers.

Following are the overall survey results:

Which Big Four firm would you rather work for?

– KPMG – 32%
– PricewaterhouseCoopers – 25%
– Deloitte & Touche – 23%
– Ernst & Young – 20%

The survey was conducted nationally using an online poll placed on the home page during December, 2007. The results are based on more than 750 respondents.

( Source:     06/03/2008  )

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