Types Of Presentation Media For Reports

Listed below are the major type of presentation media used for reports:-



Broadly classified into:

  1. Written:
  • Formal financial statements
  • Tabulated statistics
  • Narration and exposition using words
  1. Graphic:
  • Charts
  • Diagrams and pictures
  1. Oral:
  • Group meetings
  • Conference with individuals

Salient points to note:

·         Normally a combination of the above is used as presentation media for reporting purposes

·         Selection of the appropriate methods depend upon such factors as type of report, data involved, level of management using the report, purpose of the report, background of the principal user and the nature of the operations.

·         Note that some executives are chart-minded, others are figure-minded. Important to understand that accountants generally prefer figures whilst the users are usually non-accountants which are chart-minded, etc

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