Types Of Reports Requirement/Structure In A Medium To Large Sized Organization

It is important to understand the reporting structure in a medium to large size firm to ensure that it satisfies the major interested parties.


Reports can be broadly classified as:


  1. External Reports
  • Reports to government agencies, regulatory commissions, creditors, investigative agencies and other groups external to the firm.
  • Normally reports are quite extensive and comprise a significant portion of the overall reporting activities of the business
  • These reports are costly and consume a lot of management attention.


  1. Report to Owners
  • Comprises traditional annual report and special report concerning special issues or item of interest.
  • Based upon “generally accepted accounting principles


  1. Internal Reports
  • Confidential reports
  • Not for any external group mainly for internal management needs
  • Can be categorized as statistical reports, special reports and performance reports.


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