Delegation And Its Process

Delegation is a process of devolution of authority or simply the dispersal of authority for decision making from superior to subordinates.

It is common to see that the more decentralized an organization, the more you can see the process of delegation. Effective delegation can improve the behavioral aspects:-freedom to make decision, to make mistakes and make use of one’s full capacities.

Append below the process of delegation:

Process Of Delegation

Conceived as a four step process

  • Allocation of Duties-before authority can be delegated, the duties for which the authority relates to need to be allocated to the subordinates
  • Delegation of Authority: Involves the passing of the formal rights to act on behalf of another
  • Assignment of Responsibility: With the passing of “rights”, the need to pass on the “obligation” to perform. Important to note “equating authority and responsibility”
  • Creation of accountability: Subordinates must be held answerable for the discharge of the duties assigned nd the judicious use of authority delegated

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