Mc Clelland’s Needs Theory Of Motivation

David Mc Clelland Of Harvard University and his co-workers have done researches pertaining to the motivational needs of people in multi-culture and many section of the society.

Mc Clelland’s  Needs Theory Of Motivation

Based on his researches, he advocated the need to group human motivation or needs into the following three categories:

1.       The needs for POWER (n/PWR) – most management have high need for power which in turn leads to constructive authoritarianism. The need, combined with needs for achievement or urge for excellence can lead to productive and satisfying results


2.       The needs for AFFILIATION (n/AFF) – people with a high need for affiliation usually derive pleasure from being loved and tend to avoid the pain of being rejected by a social group. These sort of people are often seen as ineffective go-getters probably because they are not task oriented enough. This need is present managers, but is seldom dominant in successful individuals


3.       The needs for ACHIEVEMENT (n/ACH) -people with a high need for achievement like personnel responsibility, moderate and calculated risks, feedback on how they are doing. Unless moderated by other needs a high achiever tends to become individualistic to surpass other and success in any organization.


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