Listing Of Topics Under The Heading of Audit Evidence

In order for the auditor to satisfy himself the true and fair view of the company’s financial statement, during the course of the audit works, he or she needs to obtain audit evidence.


Append below the various topics pertaining to Audit Evidence:




Different Methods On The Audit procedures To Obtain Audit Evidence

1.0 a

What is Analytical Review And Its Purposes

1.0 b

Substantive Procedures As A Method Of ObtainingAudit Evidence

1.0 c

Compliance Procedures As  A Method Of Obtaining Audit Evidence

1.0 d

Depth Test And Its Purposes(Part 1 Of 2)

1.0 e

Using The Audit Technique Of Depth Test On Weekly Wages (Part 2of2)


Sources Of Audit Evidence:- Difference Between Internal And External Evidence


The Different Methods Of Obtaining Audit Evidence


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