Professional Ethics

In any business decision making, ethic is a key requirement. Members of any accounting professional associations/bodies require their members qualified (CPA) or yet to qualify, to maintain high standards of Professional Conduct. This professional conduct is in relationship with clients, employers, fellow members and public generally.

This article generally described what is ethnic and the steps involved in solving an ethical dilemma.

Ethic is a standards of conduct by which one’s action are judged as:

· Right or wrong

· Honest or dishonest

· Fair or not fair


Therefore, we can safely say that if one has high standards of professional conduct, one should be able to distinguish right or wrong, has accepted standards of good behaviors like being honest and fair whenever he or she conducts a business dealing with others.


Basically, there are three steps involved in solving an ethical dilemma namely:

1.      Recognize an ethical situation and the ethical issues involved;

2.      Identify and analyze the principal elements in the situation and;

3.     Identify the alternatives, and weigh the impact of each alternative on various stakeholders.



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