The Different Types Of Journals Or Books Of Prime or Original Entry Shown In The Accounting Cycle

Journal is also called the Book Of Prime Or Original Entry.


The purposes of Journal are as follows:


  • Records in one place the complete effects of a transaction
  • Provides a chronological record of transaction
  • Helps to prevent or locate errors because the debit and credit amounts  for each entry could be readily compared



The Standard form and Content of journal entries are as follows:


  • Date
  • Name of account to be debited and the amount
  • Name of the account to be credited and the amount
  • Description and explanation of the transaction ( ie narrative)
  • Reference number for the source documents giving proof of the transaction



( Journalizing is a term used to mean the entering transaction data in the journal )


Click to respective Journal:


Cash Receipts Journal

Cash Payments Journal

Purchases Journal

Sales Journal

General Journal

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