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College Accounting Coach site since its inception, with its objective of sharing  absolutely FREE ONLINE EDUCATIONAL business accounting knowledge which includes  FREE e-books,numerous questions test papers & revision notes on financial accounting, costing and managerial accounting and other related subjects, have been receiving very rave countless comments from the readers WORLDWIDE whether they are students or those who are merely interested in the accountancy subjects.

The ultimate objective of this page is to express our gratitude and to thank those who wrote to us to motivate us for all the hard work done to-date for this free educational accounting site.

Besides the usual stuff of accounting, we have also included other interesting categories like motivation/inspiration stories, humors, brain teasers and many others for those who wish to challenge themselves further.

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New comment on your post #382 “Revision Notes On Cost/volume/profit (CVP) relationships and break-even analysis.”
Author : Kawimbe (IP: ,
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Hi, I received my exam results a couple of days ago. I have in the past written Cost & Management Accounting exams three times and failed. But with the help of your website, my dec 2008 result were superb. I got 67%, i wish I could show them to you. I am so greatful to you and so thankful. I shall remain indebted to you and yo site.
In africa, accessing study materials is not so easy, but this site has proved indespencible.
Thanks alot and will continue to use it and recommend it to my collegues.

New comment on your post #382 “Revision Notes On Cost/volume/profit (CVP) relationships and break-even analysis.”

Author : David Ankrah (IP: ,

It has been a very useful site for me especially when I needed on the spot explanation on CVP Analysis..I’m grateful to this site. Thanks

New comment on your post #616 “Revision Notes On Correction Of Errors”
Author : Ronald Kunda C hitungulu (IP: ,

The site has been helpful and useful in teaching my accounting student from botswana gaborone,Africa

New comment on your post #621 “Download E-Books”
Author : Sinh Nguyen (IP: , adsl-dynamic-pool-xxx.fpt.vn)

That’s very kind of you. Thank you so much… !!!

New comment on your post #227 “What Is Absorption Costing, Its Advantages And Disadvantages ”
Author : jill (IP: ,

simple explanations, thus easy for a student to understand

New comment on your post #264 “Types Of Organization Structure- Partnership ( Part 2 of 3)”
Author : kawshalya (IP: ,

very good article

New comment on your post #621 “Download E-Books”
Author : sai (IP: ,

its a pleasure to use this website


good site……simple & easy to understand the concepts.

Sir Kamdar

It is a good site for Students, I am thankful to those who contributed their time for education purpose.

shakeel shah

it is a good page for the accounting student.

euphasia moseti

this site has helped me understand accounting.it is easy to understand.thanks to you all who contributed to this achievement.


Now i am quite well but i want full command in marginal costing for handling practial questions I am really proud of you and plz plz send me some others good sites at my mail box

Ekaette Etim

I want this site because it helps me in my knowledge in Acounting. I want to request if there should be a forum created for those of the Students that will want assistant for solving some Accounting Problems that can be written to you for a solution.
I will be Grateful if such assistant can be rendered to those who needed assistance.

Obasi Michael Eberechukwu

is easy and simple to understand

samuel macaulay

just want to tell you that i have been graetly helped by the articles posted on yor site.please keep it up.i am a no business graduate but because of my desire to acquire a chartered amrketing status as part of my career development programme.i have to seat for and pass course dealing with accounting,management etc.but my major challenge is with the accounting course such as finanacial management and management accounting.please if you can help me with valuable downloads especially on these two areas i will be eternally greatful to you.

thanks,keep the good work on will tell my friends about your site.hoping to hear from you very soon.


thank for the notes


thanks a lot


thats a great job ….

Ayuk Bernard

i have not yet visited website but i like my first view. Hope i’ll love it.


Thanks a lot for the notes you are providing,it helps a lot of people especially my self.You encourage me to learn more about business subjects


its very helping to utilize this website. i appreciate the dedication and commitment you (team)have


I am pursueing diploma in accounting. So I need accounting E – BOOKS THX

Emma Nwosu

Your work in advancing business and financial accounting through provision of resouces on the web is highly applauded. More greese to your elbow!


thank for this site. i only visited the sit once but i most confess that the site has up grade my understanding. i hope to see more of that thanks for the provision made i hope one can get more.


well thanks for everything that u provided me with.and i am relly looking forward for some more good books …thanks a lot


explicit, precise and helpful study materials for busy-scheduled workers like us. thank God for this website. you have really transformed my study life. God Bless.


I found the contents on job and process costing very simple, informative and easy to understand. It was of immense help to me. Thank you!


thanks the site is cool


most important ratio’s are available here. thanks a lot.


thank you very much for this site


hi, thank so much for sharing your knowledge on how to prepare examination and other tips. Hope gain some other new things from your site???!!


hi what an interesting website you have i am really learning from it may i have a copy of the e accounting book please i will be grateful for it

taslim shahriar

it is very good to learn accounting and help us to unknown question in a short time.


it is really good book

kwaji tizhe

beautiful site for students

Cinthya Juandy

I’m so thankful that there’s a website like this existing… it greatly aids me in understanding n knowing more about accounting…for the inventors, administrators, thank u to make this happen!!


very educative


is a good site

Kawimbe in Zambia

An indispensable companion in Cost Accounting.

Muhammad Yousif

Thanks alot

I am very happy to see this material free for all. This is one of help for all who utlise this data .


thank u for the notes


1000 thanks for the materials.
This is a gift for the xmas…

K K Shah

MA 5 – Q&A On Bills Of Exchange (7-9-2008)seems to be damaged. Unable to download/open. Please rectify.

Thanks for the effort on putting a nice site for educational purposes.

Ajibola Ayodeji

Hi,I’m keenly interested in everywork u’ve done.I’m a final year accounting student of Ladoke Akintola university of Technology.Ogbomoso Oyo state Nigeria.I came across ur site while I doing some research work on manufacturing Account. My aim and ambition in life is to be the first African to govern world bank as the president as God lives. I discovered that ur book will be of great help to me in preparing me for me for the great task ahead. Thanks so much u guys are doing a great job.


It is very good for the learners analysis, students, teachers,etc.




is so great having the opportunity to use your website.


its a pleasure to use this website


Like reading off line accounting stuff. Great reading materials you are preparing.Keep it up

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