What Should We Do Or Look At When Creating Or Sustaining The Brand

Append below are some salient points that need to be noted:-

What We Need To Know When Creating A Brand

· What sort of qualities and strengths do we automatically want our brand to call to mind – what does it represent?;

· What do we want that brand to say about us as  individual?  Take a moment and think about the emotions some of the most iconic brands evoke – Nike’s Just Do It slogan is a perfect example.

· Ensure that aspiring and ambitious is fine but there should not overstatement and overreaching which is likely to create negative impressions when the reality does not live up to the façade.

Constantly ask ourselves the following questions at any given time :-

· are our  brand clear,

· credible,

· constant,

· relevant,

· desirable

Last but not least, it’s imperative to convey the importance and strategy to the rest of your staff and not just those involved in marketing. (The staff is the best ambassador of the brand. The employees/staff are the one that can better convey it to the customers.)


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