Wise Words From Confucianism

In earlier articles, readers would have read the inspirational quotes/ phrases, jokes/ humor, motivational stories/ fables.

This article is not about religion but merely extracting wise words from them so that our daily living can benefit from their saying.

The following are the:

Wise Words From Confucianism


One should so conduct himself as to avoid hatred or anger from others. Mild speech and demanding little of others are ways to avoid their anger


Friendship and brotherhood are the cardinal virtues. One should gather about many friends and should love them as brothers. The wise man will choose friends worthy of brotherly love.


The man of principle is courageous. He knows the right and will fight for it at all costs. God is on his side, and he takes courage from the knowledge of this fact


Reward will follow every good deed. Only by doing good deeds can a man know the true joy of living and have a long life.


Man’s duty comes from Heaven. Therefore, he fails in his duty at his peril. The wise man makes duty his aim at all times.


Heaven visits punishment or happiness upon man in accordance with his good or evil acts. The rewards of goodness are inevitable, just as are the punishments of evil.


He who lacks faith will not succeed. One must hold to faith at all times. Heaven makes great demands upon one’s faith, but God is with man and he should never waver in his faith.


Filial piety is highly respected. The virtuous man will never neglect his parents. Love and respect for relations and elders is the beginning of love and respect for all members of the state.


One should forgive if the act is unintentional, but should punish the intended evil act.


Seek out the company of those who can give good advice and whose example is good. One may be friendly to all men, but one should be discriminating in one’s choice of associates. Good associates will do you good, therefore cling to the best.


Benevolence is a characteristic of the wise. The superior man gives generously to the needy. He knows that this is the chief element in humanity.


God is with the good man. Therefore, he should never fear. God will guide the good aright, Follow the will of God without questioning, for it is true and the end will be success.


Even in the most meager of circumstances, the man who lives rightly will be happy. Ill-gotten gains will never bring happiness. Heaven grants happiness to the good.


Those who speak harshly will stir up hatred. One should demand much of himself and little of others. By so doing one will avoid hatred.


The home, with its atmosphere of love and respect, should be the model for the entire world. At all times, affection, harmony, and honor should reign in the home. Filial piety, begun in the home, extends to the state and becomes devotion to the ruler.


The man of honor desire justice and will seek after it in all his actions. Only the fool is unjust.


Love makes a spot beautiful; who chooses not to dwell in love, has he got wisdom? Love is the high nobility of Heaven, the peaceful home of man. To lack love, when nothing hinders us is to lack wisdom. Lack of love and wisdom lead to lack of courtesy and right and without these, man is a slave.


Heaven has made man good. His original nature is good, but many depart from it. The earthy in man pulls him down and away from Heaven. Those who follow the heavenly part of themselves are great, while those who follow the earthy part are evil.


One should avoid bad, evil thoughts. One should at all times think that which is good. Careful consideration of the end as well as the beginning and the middle will save one much trouble.


To obtain the favor of Heaven, one should observe all the statutes of Heaven. Those who reverently observes these statutes and are obedient to the will of Heaven shall have happiness and shall become men superior.


Seek to live in harmony with all your neighbors and at peace with thy brethren. Peace and love should reign throughout the world. The Most High Good seeks peace among his people.


Whenever a person is in the wrong, he should hasten to confess his error and make amends.


Whatever you do, you should do with all your heart. Heaven will help the man who is sincere, and one’s fellowmen will trust him if he is sincere and earnest.


God desires peace not war. Everyone should strive to dwell in peace with his fellows. The man subdued by force is in his heart still rebellious, but one who is won by love will be loyal forever.


Prosperity comes from Heaven. Wealth gained by unrighteousness will not last. The only true wealth is that which comes through right acting. Too often riches are accompanied by pride and other evils.


Not ease, but work is the mark of a good man. The superior individual does not indulge in luxurious ease, but works constantly for the good. He is superior in that he does things which the base cannot understand or appreciate.


Do not deal with your fellow beings as though you were superior to them. Those who do will find themselves hated. To avoid the wrath of others, demand little of them and much of yourself.

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