Explain briefly what is Malthusian Theory of Population.

Thomas Malthus(1766-1834) developed the theory of population and published it in An Essay on the Principle of Population in 1978.

Malthusian Theory Of Population advocates the following:

  • That population would soon out-strip the means of feeding it, if it were not kept down by vice, misery or self-restraint;

  • That in a state of society where self-restraint does not act at all, only acts so little that we nee not think of it, population will augment until the poorest class of the community have only just enough to support life;

  • That in a community where self-restraint acts effectually, each class of the community will augment until it reaches the point at which it begins to exercise that restraint.

Malthus advocates that population tend to increase in a geometrical progression whereas the means of subsistence increase in only arithmetical progression.

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