Accounting Quiz or Test Your Accounting Knowledge On Principles Of Ledger Accounting

Refresh or test your accounting knowledge on principles of ledger accounting:


1.0  What is the distinction between personal accounts and impersonal accounts?

2.0  A debit entry in the cash account signifies a receipt of cash. True or false?

3.0   What are the ledger entries necessary to record:

(a)    payment of a rent bill?

(b)   purchase of goods on credit

4.0  List three types of error which would not be disclosed by a trial balance

5.0  Describe the double entry in respect of:

(a)    an accrued rental payment

(b)   a prepaid subscription charge

6.0  If a higher provision is required for doubtful debts, the provision account should be debited with the amount of the increase. True or false?

7.0  How is accumulated depreciation disclosed in the balance sheet?

8.0  Describe the ledger account entries in respect of the disposal of a fixed asset


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