Accounting Quiz or Test Your Accounting Knowledge On Financial Statement Analysis

Refresh or test your accounting knowledge on Financial Statement Analysis:


1.0  Identify the users of financial statement

2.0  Indicate the purpose of financial statement analysis

3.0  Identify the types of financial statement analysis procedures

4.0  Assess the liquidity, profitability, efficiency and solvency of a business by applying the financial statement analysis

5.0  Explain the limitation and constraints of ratio analysis.

6.0  Define “profit margin” and “asset turnover”

7.0  What is the relationship which links ROCE, profit margin and asset turnover?

8.0  How is the ratio “ return on total long-term capital” calculated

9.0  Describe two methods of calculating a gearing ratio

10.0  List three advantages of debt capital over equity capital

11.0  Define “interest cover”

12.0  Define “ price earning ratio”


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