Give examples of entries commonly recorded in the Journal Proper

Journal proper or general journal are for making the original record of such transaction for which no special journal are maintained.

Examples of Entries normally recorded  are as follows:

Opening entries

  • Opening Entries are used at the beginning of the financial year to open the books by recording the assets, liabilities and capital appearing in the balance sheet of the previous year;

Closing Entries:

  • Closing entries are used at the end of the accounting year for closing off accounts relating to expenses and revenues. Transferring their balances to the Trading, Profit & loss Account, closes these accounts

Adjustment Entries:

  • At the end of the accounting year, adjustment entries are to be passed for outstanding /prepaid expenses, accrued income/income received in advance and others

Transfer Entries:

  • Transfer entries are passed in the general journal for transferring an item entered in one account to another account

Rectification Entries:

  • Rectification entries are passed for rectifying errors which might have been committed in the books of account

Purchase of Fixed Assets, Stationery:

  • When fixed assets or stationeries are purchased on credit,  the entries are passed in the general journal

Sales of fixed assets re: obsolete or scapping fixed assets

  • For obsolete or worn-out assets sold on credit


  • Entries relating to dishonor of cheque so that the discount allowed can be properly cancelled.

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