Imprest Petty Cash With Question and Answer

Earlier article on  imprest petty cash system refers. Below is a very simple worked question and answer for the reader to enhance the understanding of imprest petty cash system.


ABC Enterprise has the following petty cash transaction for the month of January 2012:-




1 Received from cashier 450.00
2 Cleaning 60.00
4 Travelling 35.00
9 Postage 25.00
12 Cleaning 40.00
20 Stationery 20.00
29 Travelling 45.00

(a) Determine the receipt of the amount necessary to restore the

      imprest and carry down the balance for the following month

(b) Give the double entry journal for the various petty cash expenditure.

Suggested answer:

(a) The top up to restore the imprest cash float is the reimbursement of all

the actual expenditure namely :-

( Cleaning$60+Travelling$35+Postage$25+Cleaning$40+Stationery$20+

Travelling$45 = $225 )

(b) When a petty cash book with analysis columns for expenditure, the total

for each individual column are:

Cleaning $100 ($60 + $40)

Travelling $80  ($35+$45)

Postage     $25

Stationery $20

The  journal for the double entry for the aforesaid expenditures:-

Jan Debit Credit
31 Cleaning 100
Travelling 80
Postage 25
Stationery 20
Petty Cash 225
Being actual petty cash reimbursement for themonth of Jan 2012



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