Explain what are the functions and roles Of Treasury Management

In financial management, included is treasury management which  is all about the efficient management of liquidity and financial risk. Some of the major roles/functions of Treasury management are as follows:


Cash management

The efficient collection and repayment of cash to both insiders and to third parties.


Currency management

Manages the foreign currency risk, exchange rate risk,etc. Advise on currency to be used for overseas billing,etc


Funding management

Planning and sourcing firm’s short, medium and long-ter cash needs. Participates in capital structure, forecasting of future interest and foreign exchange rate’s decision making process



Maintain good relationships with bankers and carry out initial negotiation with them for any short term loan


Corporate finance

Advises and Involves in mergers and acquisition, capital structure, rights issue,etc


Venture Capital Financing

Involves in new high risk ventures by getting venture capitalists

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