McGregor-Theory X and Theory Y

McGregor developed two theories of human behaviour at work: Theory and X and Theory Y.  Both Theory X and Y are extreme behavior 

Two extreme theories Of Workers’ Work Behavior:


Theory X

Theory Y




– Individuals who dislike work and avoid it where possible



– Consider effort at work as just like rest or play






– Individuals who lack ambition, dislike responsibility and prefer to be led


– Ordinary people who do not dislike work. Depending on the working conditions, work could be considered a source of satisfaction or punishment





– Individuals who desire security




– Individuals who seek responsibility (if they are motivated




In the workplace, how Does Management Suppose To Apply Mcgregor X & Y Theory

In the case of Theory X:

To achieve organizational objectives, management if based on Theory X should impose a management system of coercion, control and punishment.

In the case of Theory Y:

To achieve organizational objectives, management if based on Theory Y  should provide rewards of varying kinds to motivate the workers . With the proper incentives established, this will create a create a working environment (or culture) where workers can show and develop their creativity.


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