Functions Of A Leader

As explained in the earlier article, there are many theories on leadership. But what is clear to researcher is that good effective leader is able to understand the mental and physical make up of its staff/people so as to able to guide the staff/people or their activities towards certain goals.
Below are some of the major functions of a leader:

  1. Able to creatively lay down goals and policies to persuade subordinates to work with zeal and confidence

  1. Able to shape the organization on scientific lines to makes it various components operate sensitively and reliably so as to achieve company’s goal

  1. Able to take initiative in all matters of interest relating to the group like need not depend on others for decision and judgement, able to take pioneering decisions on all critical aspect of administration, float new ideas or innovation and his/her decision and policies should be original thinking

  1. Provide Effective Leadership at least to some of the following areas:
  • Consulting its group in framing policies and lines of action and in initiating any radical change
  • Able to get voluntary cooperation from the group to realize common objectives
  • Able to exercise authority whenever necessary to implement the general policies in the interests of the group
  • Able to build confidence and zeal in the work group, keep them updated in terms of their duties and obligations and adopt motivational tools to drive them to achieve company’s objectives/goals

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