Qualities Of A Good Leader

If one is consider an effective leader, it would be an individual who can influences his or her followers in such a manner that we can see higher job productivity being achieved, high morale and low turnover, less accidents and better training and development of the followers.

Experts advocate some of following qualities of a good leader:

  • Physical and mental energy, intelligent and faith;
  • Having a sense of purpose, vision and direction;
  • Enthusiasm, communication ability and alignment;
  • Friendliness, affection, emotional balance and patience;
  • Integrity, persistence and consistency;
  • Self confidence, diligence and industry;
  • Able to build up confidence and zeal in the work group;
  • Able to obtain voluntary co-operation from subordinates in realizing the common objectives;
  • Able to have initiative and creative ability, drive, emphathy, ability to inspire, teaching and guiding people and in the result able to secure subordinates’ willingness to co-operate and
  • Able to keep the sub-ordinates well informed of their duties and obligations and adopt motivational techniques to stimulate subordinates for spontaneous performance with interest, sincerity and loyalty.

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